Doc Martens, Fake Vs Real

They are one of fashion’s many come-backs: Dr. Martens boots , spotted worn by fashion-forward celebrities such as Robyn, donning them in bright colours. However, now they have reached our high streets, and most are not even the real deal. H&M; have their own versions in hot pink and purple.

We are not sure about these cheaper versions: if you are going to follow the Dr Martens trend, it should be done with the authentic boots. Anything else will simply not work. What do you think?
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5 thoughts on “Doc Martens, Fake Vs Real

  1. I had them once upon a time in red!! I wonder If my mum still keeps them :))

  2. if she does, tell her to find them for you :)

  3. I agree with you. It should be real, fakes don't work unless they're really well-done. :) I must speak to my mum :)

  4. I saw them in Mango too, better than the H&M; one but still not the same effect :)

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