Brand Love or I Want What She’s Wearing

Oh was I a lucky creature last week. I had an excuse to visit London. Fashion capital and crazy goblet of ideas, colourful prints, understated (and overstated) coolness. I was there to follow a short yet intense course on Creative Branding at the London College of Fashion. It resulted being a fantastic experience  as I learnt a lot, got greatly inspired and met some really cool people in the process.

Branding is a lot about getting the brand/image right, communicating efficiently to achieve the ultimate goal: sell. And sell… and sell a little more.

One of questions raised was whether there were any brands that got it right, inspiring us or reflecting a certain lifestyle or message, making us buy into it. A brand we followed. Whilst everyone came up with a name, such as Adidas or Moschino, I failed at deciding what particular brand “did it” for me. My mind scanned the contents of my wardrobe, my latest buys, brands I had blogged about, but no names sprung up as “yes! I love what they’re about and buy their stuff”

I did, however, think about what made me buy a certain pair of stockings last week – a certain It girl. People, not brands, inspire and shape my style. For instance, I love the way Alexa Chung combines boyish or comfortable items with catty heels and edgy skirts. This easily reflects my love of opposites such as comfort and sexiness. Seeing Alexa pull off a look I may simply fantasize about, makes me replicate or give it my own twist.

In Madonna’s music lies much of my philosophy in life, my mantras. It’s no surprise that her different looks heavily inspire my own. Her make up is always flawless and her use of the red lip look is so natural and effortless… I am still to master that one.

That’s how I do it. I browse the shops remembering what Fearne wore (above) how Alexa styled it or how Daisy accessorised it. Maybe I see brands wanting my money too much? Maybe the lifestyle I aspire to is better portrayed on these independent and successful women and not on a certain slogan? One could also argue that my ever-changing style and my love to experiment may slip a specific brand’s image.

Some people are not absolutely convinced by eye-catching logos or effective advertising campaigns. There is a growing number of fashionistas browsing through Facehunter or The Sartorialist in search of a boy or a girl representing what they aspire to look like. And then there are the Jordanistas, but that’s a different kettle of fish.

How does it work for you? can you name a brand that inspires you and faithfully follow?
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Pictures: Official Fearne Cotton, Converse, Glamour UK