What I Bought – A woman’s right to (pretty) shoes

Oh January, you are full of flu-like symptoms such as headaches, terribly sore throats and sleepless nights of coughing. I should know. It’s 5 am when I write this, and I’m suffering from “manflu” except I’m a woman. I will spend the rest of the year blaming the guy who gave it to me, although it serves me well: leave guys with the flu alone, Jess, even when they request a pity hug.

However January also brings new things, and I begin 2011 with a pair of extremely pretty shoes. Pictured below, from Bershka (sister store to Zara and Co) and very Miu-Miu. I got these out of pure envy, spotting them at a fellow Belgian blogger’ site, Polienne . A couple of weeks ago I was in Spain to find they were sold out. When I was about to leave, my wandering eye travelled to the back of the store and found one pair left …in my size. To top it off, they were heavily discounted, at €15. Insane, right? I had found the elusive Christmas bargain.

I may not be able to say much with my horrid flu, but pretty, pretty, pretty shoes I can say

A while back I shared my shoe collection with you, dear readers. There weren’t that many, as from the comments I got some of you had a wider selection. And yes, the number has obviously grown since.  From some friends and acquaintances I received a lot of looks of disbelief, some even questioning my money management skills, others even questioned my entire lifestyle. I kid you not.

 Oh Manolos, one day I shall be worthy of thee (HBO)

I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have an expensive gym membership, I don’t have kids. I don’t smoke and hardly drink, so what is wrong with my vice being shoes? One of my favourite Sex and The City episodes – although it also makes me cringe –  is the one with the title like this post. Carrie gets judged and even shamed for buying expensive shoes, by a working mother who tells her it’s time to live in the “real world”.

As Carrie, I have bought presents for other people’s engagements, weddings, new born babies, and will continue to do so. And as Carrie laments, no one celebrates single ladies, working girls and independent females. All we can do is celebrate ourselves, and I will continue to do so with pretty shoes throughout 2011 and beyond.

So,  did you hear about Anna Dello Russo insane shoe collection, with 4,000 pairs?

Do you think some women need to get over their shoes, or some need to get over their “real lives”? What is your take?
Pictures: Fashion Limbo, HBO