Supermodels on Film – Duran Duran’s new video

I’ve been wanting to write about Duran Duran’s new video for a while, which is something that could prompt you to say “but, isn’t this a fashion blog?” and you would be right. However, music is fashion and fashion breathes heavily through the music industry. I discovered my love for clothing through MTV and VH1. As a little girl, my Barbie dolls would slip out of my fingers as soon as Michael Jackson’s glitter socks from Billie Jean came on TV. I was fascinated by Prince’s trouser suits long before I knew what eye liner was. I discovered Jean Paul Gaultier thanks to that iconic pale pink bustier.

I’ve been going through many changes in the last year and I knew that Fashion Limbo would evolve too. The new era has just happened to arrive today, December 12th, 2011. I hope you enjoy this new phase. Those of you who read me regularly will have noticed that music tends to permeate a lot of my fashion writing. I guess this is just a way of making it official: my name is Jess and I’m addicted to shoes… and music.

And, music and fashion couldn’t be more intertwined than in Duran Duran‘s latest video, Girl Panic!

Starring in this clip: Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and Yasmine Le Bon, all of them playing the mighty band. While supermodels appearing on music videos is nothing new – remember George Michael’s Freedom? – if anyone favoured models on film, that’s Duran Duran. Glamorous locations in Rio, controversy and top less models in Girls on Film and more.

Girl Panic! is a visual feast for any fashion enthusiast and it highlights the appeal of the supermodel: the long legs, their out-of-this-world features. Stunning women, years after the peak of their careers, looking as good as they did back in the 90s. The video has been directed by Jonas Akerlund author of the infamous Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy, and Madonna’s trippy Ray Of Light – remember that cute denim jacket? so in trend right now –

A feast to the eyes, a parody/ode to the excesses of the world of fashion and music super stardom. Personally I miss the days when these supermodels roamed the catwalks, rocking every single Vogue cover, how about you?

Video: Duran Duran via Vevo.