How to wear trainers the smart way

I’ve said it before and I shall say it again: I love men’s shoes. And for that reason, I like to feature them in my site now and again. Sometimes I model them for you, but on other occasions, such as the present, I grab one of the stylish men I know, and coerce him into doing an outfit post for me.

So here we are, one of said stylish friends rocking a pair of Redskins trainers.

I think the jacket is from Zara,
the shirt could be from Adolfo Dominguez as I’ve heard he has a penchant for that brand
Shoes: Redskins courtesy of Spartoo

My friend tells me they are extremely comfortable and easy to wear with almost everything in his wardrobe, as he favours a certain casual chic style. I particularly like how they have been paired with some straight cut jeans, although he really needs to tell me where he got themĀ  – seriously, these stylish men are very photogenic, but how sketchy are they on the details?! – These trainers can be also worn with some grey trousers, maybe even tweed, of the casual kind.

I simply love brown trainers. However, I only like them when they’ve been made for guys. Yes, I’m a tad strange. Rumour has it I once walked into the men’s section of a Pull & Bear, saw a pair I liked, asked for my size – fortunately I have big feet so I can fit into their smaller models – and bought them straight away. But that, my friends, is just a rumour.

How about you? Any strange shopping tendencies?

Picture: Fashion Limbo (by N & J)